The oldest fossil sea monster 85 million years old found in Antarctica

The oldest fossil sea monster 85 million years old found in Antarctica. The discovery of these monsters, which is actually a type of ancient marine reptiles Plesiosaur, make the scientists think that reptiles are there in Antarctica 15 million years before the predicted time.

"Fragments that we find are not included in the group who had previously found that indicates a Plesiosaur greater diversity than expected," said Alexander Keliner from the National Museum of Brazil at the University of Rio de Janeiro, as quoted by National Geographic, Wednesday (24 / 8 / 2011).

Fragments of the spine, head and fins indicate that the Plesiosaur that was found to have a length of 6-7 meters. Unfortunately, the bones were found did not allow scientists to identify species of Plesiosaur this.

Plesiosaur spread around the Earth at the time between 205-65 million years ago, and reached the southern hemisphere in mid-Jurassic era.
These animals have diverse characteristics, but most have a small head, long neck and big body. Fossil specimens found in this study between 2.5 tons of fossils and rock samples collected in the Antarctic expedition in Rhose Island during the year 2006-2007.

Most of the specimens stored in museums, including the fossilized tree similar to the Plesiosaur. "The tree shows that there are forests in Antarctica at that time. We believe that these animals live in environments that are very different from now," Kellner added. The results published in the journal Polar in June.


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