REDD+ in Indonesia: Greening Human Development

Indonesia--Indonesia and Norway have brought his cooperation in climate change and forest preservation furthermore, since the signing of letter of intent in May 2010.
At a special event in the middle of a series of UN General Assembly, 21 September 2011, "REDD + in Indonesia: Greening the Human Development", the two countries presented the progress of its partnerships to more than 70 countries, a number of leaders of civil society organizations, and leading financial institutions. Both countries are also invited governments and agencies to join in this partnership.
Government of Indonesia announced the continuation of the Task Force + REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation Plus) is a cross-ministry with a mandate until December 2012. The task force is still led by Dr Kuntoro is also Head of the Presidential Working Unit of Supervision and Control of Development (UKP4). 
Kuntoro challenge donor countries and private companies to move out of its traditional role, "We should start seeing REDD + as a mechanism to break the pattern of official development assistance (ODA). We also must find a way in which funds public sector can be catalyst of private sector investment. Without this change, our efforts will not succeed, "said Kuntoro, Friday (09/23/2011).
Over a year back, the Government of Indonesia has set policies to make REDD + runs, among them the Presidential Instruction No. 10/2011 which delayed the issuance of new licenses in primary natural forests and peatlands for 2 years, the so-called moratorium, and the launch of the initiative One Map to create the only reference maps of forest cover and peat land available to the public.
Minister for the Environment and the Norwegian International Development, Erik Solheim, praised the commitment of Indonesia. "Green growth that begins Indonesia is a bold step, and Norway is proud to be partners in this historic effort. The journey is still long and we are continually learning together. Indonesia once again contribute to the world by sharing this learning with the world here on trial UN General Assembly, "he said.
Before the event, Kuntoro met with Helen Clark, Administrator of UNDP (United Nations Development Programme Agency), to sign a Memorandum of Understanding between Indonesia and the UN to establish the United Nations Office for the Coordination of REDD + in Indonesia (UNORCID). Understanding this makes the one-door mechanism for the entire United Nations system in supporting the efforts of coordinated REDD + Indonesia.


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