Registering your blog to google

Add url to google or register address to the google blog.

Registering your blog to google is one of the off page seo techniques that can facilitate google in the process of crawling and indexing all of your blog pages.

Articles like this may have been stale for webmasters before, because they had already been informed. But, I think there are many candidates for novice bloggers who will glide on the next generation and need articles like this, and therefore expected in the presence of this article will help those who are just learning, bettull?.

Immediately, I will describe how to add url to google or a list of blogs to google search engine in the following way:

     * Visit
     * On the page, under "URL:" url address of your blog entries to complete. Example: and on the "Comments:" input the title or description of your blog.

       Remember! Do not use "www" in the url of your blog entries if the address you input is a blogger / blogspot free version, since "www" on bloggers only to paid domain. Example domain url is a paid blogger: while the free version of the default blogger url is like this:
     * Enter word verification is available, then click on: Add URL
     * If successful, a success message will appear.

Up here add url to google the process has been completed.


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