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SEO Tips and Tricks for Simple Blog. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization is to optimize the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., in order to index the articles that exist on our blog with the aim of which is to increase the page rank (rank blog) we like the appearance of our blog on the main page or pageone of google search engine and others.
Okay from the curious just see below, 13 Tips And Tricks Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
1. Keep posting the original / genuine, not a result of copy and paste from your blog / other websites, we try to type yourself with the results of our thinking and our own language of origin is included should cite the source in question. "Google is very like the genuine article".
2. Keep the posts we write weighty and useful to visitors, the more visitors that come and feel that the results of our posts so that visitors will return to visit to find out news updates from our blog, because they think our blog is useful for those with an easily understandable .
3. Use post titles with attractive as possible, why? because the post title will be indexed by search engines, examples only when visitors type in a keyword / keywords in a search engine so potential visitors will see the post titles from around the world, if the title of our blog posts attract the visitors would be interested to click on our blog.
4. Always do a blog Walking / visit to other blogs, important? blogging is very important because we do not own this virtual world, therefore jalinlah rope friendship with fellow bloggers to exchange links with each other and provide comments.
5. Answer the questions asked of visitors, given a try when we had questions-make time is to reciprocate, although we can not explain in detail. To be established between the communication and interaction with visitors who have a blog.
6. Use keywords in the post that could be raised about the value in search engines, "not too much" because there are some search engines do not like this technique by repeating the keyword exceeds the limits of reasonableness.
7. Use the tag, to add another title to our main post.
8. Use a variety of categories in a single post while it is associated with writing that is made.
9. Register for the work of "best writing" we are on the social bookmarking, like,,, etc.. Because of the way this blog will be visited by many of our visitors from around the world.
10. Register your blog on search engines that you want like google, yahoo, bing, etc. (so that the search engines more quickly recognize our blog and his immediate priority)
11. Invited others to copy the contents of our blog during his acknowledgment of the original source, (do not copy and paste arbitrarily) because we as human beings should be able to respect the intellectual property of others.
12. Do not make posts that are hoax / lie, controversial, offensive, unlawful, pornographic, terrorist etc.. Because its all there is consequently one of the closing of the blog / web us or even worse go to jail because now there are laws that govern the content of existing virtual world (Beware, beware ...!).
13. The most important thing is ngeposting diligent, industrious and Pray, hope our blog can provide many benefits for people


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