Signs of men have another woman in his heart

You're approach or a love affair with a man, but he's still just be a stranger to you? The problem is probably not on you, but in man himself.
Physically and status, maybe you have it  as a lover. But what if there is someone who filled my heart and mind, and that person is not you? The reason he covered his feelings, can vary. Parents opposed the relationship, differences in beliefs, conflicting visions, or someone he loved had died.
Excerpted from She Knows, we can know the signs if a man's heart is owned by someone emotionally. This is evident from the way he communicates with a woman who is now a lover or being close to him. Like what?
1. Reluctant to Discuss Her feelings Indeed, not many men who want to talk about her feelings. Many of those who must be persuaded or encouraged to want to open first to the spouse. But when the man refused to get into your life, or worse yet, stay away when you try to figure out what he thinks or feels, it is likely you will be hard to continue a relationship with him.
Replacing the high walls that difficult for you and he share the feeling, is a signal that his love is not entirely tied to you. As a result, you will only waste time and effort just to guess, what problems he was experiencing, or the turmoil that he actually felt. While men are close to you that, still 'fun' with a mysterious side quizzically. If this situation happens, you should immediately speak from heart to heart and ask her to explain her true feelings toward you. When the he did not also want to talk, perhaps the proximity of being interwoven not be continued anymore.
2. You Do not Know History of Life in the Past Do you know and know his friends, his story in the school or college, family, romance earlier, hobby or favorite food? If most of the answers to these questions 'no', means he is trying to cover it up and do not want you to go even further into his life. Some men it takes time to uncover the past to the woman he loves. But if not the least of his past story which he Umbar, chances are he has not felt comfortable with the relationship now, because there are still others in his heart.

3. Discuss She Hate Relationship with you The man whose heart is owned by another woman, usually not be interested in talking about a love affair with a woman who was close to him. He tends to jump to 'a thousand steps' so that the status of women is his girlfriend opened the discussion about the direction of relationship, opinion about the continuation of the relationship, or other matters relating to romantically love and feelings. Shut up, changing the subject or even are reluctant to be the clearest sign, a man having an affair is not sincere. It is time for you to forget it and look for a better man. What can be expected from a one-sided love?
4. Never Give A Sure Answer Does he always answered with the word 'possible' whenever you asked the question that needs an answer 'yes' or 'no'? Maybe he wants to keep his distance emotionally, which could mean a red beacon in your relationship. Men who can not commit to everything about relationships, meaning he can not or will not let you closer to him to tie his love. 'Maybe' is a word that is usually uttered when someone is not very interested or enthusiastic about anything, including romance. So, if you do not want to fall deeper in this relationship is not clear, it's time to climb up, find the bright light and leave the dark pit.


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