Signs that the birth mother can not be normal

There are several reasons that make the birth mother can not be normal. There can be detected well in advance of delivery. But there are also new was decided during labor.

Surely, if the mother's condition does not allow for normal delivery, whatever the cause, do not push yourself because it would endanger the safety of mother and fetus.

Here are the signs that the birth mother can not be normal, which can be known before birth, as explained Dr. Oni Khonsa, SpOG of Friendship Hospital, East Jakarta.

1. Mothers with diabetes and large size of the fetus.
Have diabetes during pregnancy usually would affect less well on maternal health. Fetuses that were born were usually quite large, can reach 4-5 kg. These conditions make it difficult fetus out through normal delivery, so it must pass surgery.

2. The fetus was normal.
Normally, before the time of birth, the fetal position is head down and feet above. Straight position where the head will come out first. But many cases show is not the case, there is a breech, entwined cord, the percentage of the buttocks and legs are not perfect, position of the face side, and others.

Usually, doctors can monitor this situation through an ultrasound examination. If the known location of the fetus is abnormal and can not be corrected, then the doctor will prepare a cesarean delivery.

3. Fault history.
If mothers had cesarean delivery, the consideration of the next delivery is cesarean delivery. Especially if your next pregnancy is very close distance, less than two years. Section, Caesarean section may make the uterine wall thinning (less than 1 cm). However, it is possible to do a normal delivery when the mother's condition is safe. Doctors will continue to make observations, if a normal delivery may be performed or not.

4. Placental abnormalities.
If placental abnormalities, such as cover part or all of the birth canal, usually labor must be performed by caesarean section. If imposed through the normal path, it is feared the mother would experience severe bleeding. Doctors who have seen this condition were usually will schedule a caesarean section.

5. More than two fetuses.
For mothers who conceive twins more than two, if the risk is big enough to do normal deliveries. If the mother is not strong spell, the risk is there tearing the walls of the birth canal are quite severe, so severe bleeding can occur, and others.


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