Suicide bombing that killed one suspected perpetrators

Indonesia--Residents around the Church Bethel Gospel Ten (GBIS) had suspected suicide bomb blast as an electrical transformer explosion. A dead brown-jacketed men suspected suicide bombers."The perpetrator wore a brown jacket. Blood spills were also seen around the site," said Puspita, a resident whose house was not far from the scene on Jl Arif Rahman Hakim, Kepunton, Solo, Sunday (09/25/2011) at 12:25 pm.He said residents have suspected that the bomb blast as an electrical transformer explosion. For some time ago, an electric transformer explosion had occurred there."I thought it was a transformer explosion, because it was there ever a transformer exploded some time ago. But it was from a bomb," said Puspita.
Minister of Religious Affairs Ali Suryadharma condemn suicide bombings in the Church Kepunton, Jalan Arief Rahman Hakim, Solo, Central Java. "Actions such violence is not commendable. Challenged by anyone and by any religion," he said in front of participants and the inauguration of the new halalbihalal United Development Party (PPP) in the period 2011 to 2015 at Hotel Grand Sahid, Sunday, 25 September 2011.Suryadharma heard the incident occurred at 11.00 pm. Suicide bombing caused the collapse of a number of casualties. But until now, he continued, there has been no official data the number of dead or injured because the evacuation was carried out. 
The identity of the perpetrator and the motive of self blasting is also unknown.

Chairman of the PPP was still deplore the suicide bombings like that. Such actions, according to him, will not get to what they aspire. The reason for this action was to spread terror and fear to the public. "We expect the police to conduct a thorough investigation into the roots, and judgmental culprit," said Suryadharma.Powerful bomb exploded at the gates of the Church Kepunton, Solo, today around 11:00. The number of victims is still confusing. Not yet known who the perpetrators and the motive attack. "I fully expect the police to remove people like that," said Suryadharma asserted.

Solo Pastor in the Church Nusukan, Bambang Sriwijadi, who had arrived before the police line to give police confirmed there a bomb blast at the entrance to the church Kepunton Solo, Sunday, 25 September 2011, around 11 o'clock this afternoon. Suicide bombing that killed one person and 15 people suspected perpetrators of serious injuries and is now being treated at the center of Kosala, Solo. "The face of the alleged perpetrators of the suicide bomber was still intact and recognizable," said Bambang. "But the chest down was destroyed."
According to Bambang, because his face was still intact, people immediately recognized the church (the dead). "He's not a citizen Kepunton," he said. A total of 15 victims were seriously injured earlier was taken to Children's Hospital Waluyo. Due to limitations of equipment, the victim was transferred to Children's Kosala.
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