Three new species of bat found

Indonesia--Three new species of bat found in tropical forests south of Indochina. One bat species that are found named Satan, and has the scientific name Murina Beelzebub. This type of bat is only found in Vietnam.

"We chose the name of Beelzebub as cruel black owned by this new species, as well as behavioral protection that looks fierce when encountered in the field," said awkward Csorba, Hungarian National History researcher, as quoted by Wired, Friday (09/02/2011) .

The discovery of a new kind of bat was the result of collaboration between biologists and conservation experts from the Hungarian Natural History Museum and the Flora and Fauna International. The discovery, published in the August issue of the Journal of Mammalogy 2011.

Paul Racey, a bat expert and the Vice Chairman of Flora Fauna International said mammal with a bat represents the most variation in Southeast Asia. Number of bat species is estimated to double the number found at this time based on genetic research.

Devil bats and two other new types found included in the tube-nosed bat. The bat's life depends entirely on the existence of tropical forests. They are now threatened by forest destruction activities.


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