VFind™ Security Toolkit Family


VFind™ Security Toolkit Family

The VFind™ Security Toolkit Family of computer security products offers so much more than just virus scanning-with these toolkits, you can thoroughly scan your systems for any virus and/or hacker attack based on file content, report on any changes made, disinfect OLE documents, and have your systems automatically self-heal. All this from the company that invented Linux and Unix antivirus!

VFind™ Security Toolkit

The VFind™ Security ToolKit (VSTK) is a suite of four powerful network and computer security utilities that provide flexible and uncompromising computer security protection. The VFind™ Security ToolKit boasts VFind™, the first ever UNIX virus scanner, with a unique heterogeneous design that allows for complete protection, even in today's multi-platform networks. All VFind™ Security ToolKit products feature a Cryptographic Integrity Tool (CIT), Universal Atomic Disintegration (UAD) and MVFilter.
CIT is a fantastic tool that has multiple uses - it reports on all files that have been removed, added, modified or duplicated, and it can tighten baseline configuration control down to a single bit. It can also be used with surgical precision on an entire system or single file. The CIT tool produces a database of cryptographic hash values for every file it is directed to manage.
The UAD tool solves two specific file problems - identification and decomposition. UAD makes no assumptions about the file's contents based upon the file's name. The additional benefits of the UAD tool - besides virus scanning - include making identification based upon direct inspection of the data itself, which increases response and reduces downtime.
MVFilter disinfects from macro viruses (VBA and Word Basic). It removes the macro virus the same way as other anti-virus programs, with one specific advantage over the competition - eliminating and preventing a ghost virus. MVFilter prevents ghost virus by zeroing out the entire virus and macro name, and leaves nothing for another virus scanner to detect.

VFind™ Security Toolkit Turbo

The VFind™ Security ToolKit Turbo (VSTK-T) includes all of the product features of VFind™ Daemon. The Daemon provides user applications virus scanning and detection services at a high level of performance. Running as a daemon process, it eliminates the need to re-initialize the scan engines on each request. Without the overhead of initialization, files are processed as they are received, improving response time and minimizing the effect of virus scanning on the main application.

VFind™ Security Toolkit Professional

The VFind™ Security ToolKit Professional (VSTK/P) includes all of the product features of VSTK-T (Turbo) with the added functionality of Avatar. The Avatar tool maintains the system Baseline Configuration by executing system security policies that act as an intrusion detection and response system. If the system Baseline Configuration is modified, for any reason, it will be detected by Avatar and returned to the correct Baseline Configuration. In addition to forcing strict adherence to the Baseline Configuration, Avatar can utilize multiple databases which allow centralized distribution of updates, upgrades, security patches, changes to the standardized Baseline; it is the perfect enhancement to the CIT tool which is available with the base VSTK package.


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