Why do blogs need backlinks?

Why do blogs need backlinks?

This question arises because there are some bloggers who are lazy to search for backlinks. Yet to capture the traffic that much, really need backlinks blog.

If we have a blog filled with articles of interest, but his visit (traffic) a little or a still-so much for it. So this is where lies one of the benefits of backlinks.

If we assume that our blog is to store the backlink is access to the shop. The more access that can be taken to get to our store, the greater the opportunity to visit our store.

The more who come to our store, the more likely the transaction. If you use blogs as a media business, is not this highly profitable?

In addition, as we know that competition is extremely tight in the internet. More stringent than the offline world.

If competition in traditional stores (offline) is usually between stores in one way or the same region. But if on the internet competition is not just in one area, can one country or even worldwide.

If you're still lazy to find backlinks, you will lose in competition in the internet universe. What do you think?


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