World's Largest Beer Festival Held Back

City of Munich, Germany, to celebrate Oktoberfest-178. Oktoberfest is a beer festival that became a traditional celebration Munich.Walaupun economic crisis hit the middle of mainland Europe, over six million local tourists and foreign tourists is predicted to follow the festival.
The festival is touted as the world's biggest popular celebration. Munich Mayor Christian Ude opened the first beer keg taps on Saturday (09/17/2011). Oktoberfest 2011 will last for 17 days.
Queue has been busy since the opening of the festival. Although the price per glass of beer (containing one liter of beer) reaches 9:20 euros, or about Rp 110,000. As quoted from the AFP, some visitors complained that a quarter of them spilled beer from the glass when the glass was taken from the keg of beer to their table.
In celebration of which there are 14 points to the location-barrel keg of beer. This year, the police tightened security and the smokers will be fined if smoking at Oktoberfest area.  
Last year, the tourists who come to the festival spent a total of 7.1 million glasses of beer. The history of Oktoberfest began with the celebration of the marriage of King Ludwig I of Bavaria on October 12, 1810. But subsequent developments, the festival was brought forward to the month of September because the weather is better than October.
In some countries in the world also has a beer festival. In fact, some countries adopt and inspired by the celebration of Oktoberfest. In Indonesia, some five-star hotel in Jakarta used to provide promotions related to the Oktoberfest.


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