How many backlinks to PR2

Backlinks are also how a website is measured in terms of popularity and page rank. That is why the generation of backlinks is emphasized in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). A website is created with the purpose of being seen. Having a website is an opportunity to reach across borders and demographics to communicate your message. 

Many websites are not able to reach this goal because they do not become visible in the eyes of the search engines. Unless someone types your website URL on their browser and visits your site directly, they will need to use a search engine to find your site. Perhaps you are a local flower shop that is contracted for weddings. If your website has a lot of local competition, it will be very hard, likely impossible, for your website to show up on the first few result pages without generating more backlinks than your competition.

How many backlinks to PR2 ??!! (About 3 months to get a pagerank 2)

It always amazes me the amount of interest and confusion that Google’s PageRank (both the algorithm and the toolbar number) attracts from webmasters. The confusion in this question comes from the assumption that all backlinks are equally considered by Google. If this was the case then indeed it would be possible to quantify how many backlinks you need to obtain a (nominal or real) PR1, a PR2, a PR3 and so on.
However, this is not how the PageRank algorithm works.

Suppose there is a link from page A to page B. The amount of “PageRank value” (also called link juice) that this link will pass depends on the PageRank of page A (i.e., the total value coming from the links pointing to page A), divided by the number of outgoing links on Page A.

As you can see, the total number of backlinks your site has only tells half of the story. The PageRank it will have will depend, in turn, on the PageRank of each page that is linking to you (and on the number of outgoing links on each of those pages).

In practical terms this means that getting a few backlinks from very authoritative sites will improve your PageRank much faster then getting hundreds of backlinks from low quality sites. In fact I have experiences with both situations. I had some sites that I just promoted with links from low quality web directories, and despite having hundreds of backlinks some of these sites never got a PR1. On the other hand I also had a website that had only 10 backlinks and got a PR3 on an update. That’s because one of those links was coming from TechCrunch.

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Thanks for the info. Very useful and helpful to me. Keep posting.
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While the whole PR thing is somewhat confusing and seems inconsistent between sites, it definitely helps having links from relevant sites (regardless of their PR).

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