Many of the webmasters have more than one website

Link exchange is one of the most recent target of the search engine filters. Many of the webmaster have agreed on this, in order to improve their website ranking in search engines with the large number of inbound links. In exchange links, each link from our website that is in other people's websites, then in our website should also have links pointing to other people's websites. But many of those links that are irrelevant to our website and may be given only as a bonus only.

Many of the webmasters have more than one website. The website is sometimes linked between satudengan the other, and sometimes not. Therefore if you have many websites, you must be careful if you want to connect between your websites (interlinking). If you do interlinking multiple websites with the same IP address, this will be bad for your site because search engines will see that you have done something suspicious. Many of the webmasters who have tried to manipulate backlinks in this way, and this way is called the bombing a link. because of the link to your website with the same IP address.

One thing is for sure that this interlinking can not help you from the standpoint of the search engines. Another reason for using interlinking is to provide greater resources to the website visitors. But as much as possible do not use the same IP address.

Fennel few things you should consider in building backlinks. Among them is track your backlinks to tell which sites are linking to your site, How does the text of the backlink as a keyword to link to your website.  

One of the tools that can help you is the Domain Stats Tool, this tool will show the backlinks from a domain such as Google, Yahoo, and Msn. Another tool that can help you is the Backlink Builder Tool. This tool will assist you in finding a quality backlink related to your site. The workings of this tool is to you to enter keywords of your website, then this tool will find related websites based on keywords that you use it.


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