People worry about overly aggressive link building

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You hear people talking about quality of links versus quantity, well that’s kind of hard to test so all I can say is that these a quality links in effect and source, meaning they’re quality links for the only reason that matters to me: they increase rankings, but they’re also quality links because they’re using 100% unique content and links come from high quality network with good sites.  In other words, I’ll be using this as part of the firepower available to me, and used by me, when I wanna throw everything I got towards ranking a term.

Also, people worry about overly aggressive link building and “sandboxes” but also want to see results quickly, Build My Rank is a way to do the “slow and steady wins the race” thing, however, results and rankings increases won’t be slow just your link build up.

Do manual blog commenting on relevant urls, not sites, so if you write a blog post about wordpress landing pages, then go leave a comment on any type of url dofollow or nofollow that ranks for that term.  Leave an approval-worthy comment that adds value to the discussion to get some commenting traffic back to your site.  Do this for every new content piece you create and publish.  The reasoning behind this is the search engines will see increased traffic to your sites that is commensurate with the inbound linking activity as makes things seem more natural and is conducive to good site building and natural progression for new sites (ie. new sites, new content, new traffic, new links aka new activity to notice and spider).

In a few month’s time you can do mass commenting for links using software and use services to increase the links to your main sites since you’ve already created a solid SEO baseline.history for your sites.


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