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Al-Qaeda in Iraq claimed responsibility for a suicide bomb attack against a military barracks in northern Iraq that killed 11 soldiers, SITE monitoring group said on Monday.

Islamic State of Iraq - Al-Qaeda group in Iraq - claimed in a statement posted on jihadist websites that base in Diyala was involved in the Iraqi government plans to kill Sunni people in the restive province, said that based SITE U.S., AFP reported.

According to the organization, the purpose of the plan is to change the Diyala province that has a variety of religions into a region with the majority Shiites.

"One of the lions of Islamic Countries (Iraq) to do a car bomb attack directed at the army headquarters had no religion, which is located in a complex of government buildings in the area of Canaan in the province Diyalaa," SITE said, citing the group.

"The attack made ​​it through the security line, through the location and detonated his vehicle at a page in" at the base, the statement said.
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