The Wars In Afganistan

Afghan Military Parade
If any overarching conclusion emerges from the Afghan and Iraq Wars (and from their Israeli equivalents), it’s this: victory is a chimera. Counting on today’s enemy to yield in the face of superior force makes about as much sense as buying lottery tickets to pay the mortgage: you better be really lucky.

NATO Training Mission (NATO Training Mission - NTMA), designed to prepare the Afghan army and police to take over when the troops withdrawn international battle in 2014, pouring tens of millions of dollars into the project each year. The mission is to provide financial support and business advice to 14 countries that make uniforms, boots and other equipment such as tents and sleeping bags, and - perhaps, the most important - to sign an order form for what they produce.

United States to add new facilities for the troops who were on duty in Afghanistan. The U.S. military will provide a GSM telecommunications network dedicated to the soldiers. Mantech International is a company that would menggawangi project called Expeditionary Cellular Communications Service (ECCS) that. They won a contract from the U.S. military of USD 68 million or around Rp 606 billion.

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