Photo Hot Sexy Lia Trio Macan

Lia Ladysta

Trio Macan Leah or Lia Ladysta is one of the vocal group personnel dangdut, Trio Macan from Lamongan, East Java. Together with her ​​friends at Tiger Trio, Trio Macan Leah has released an album, I HAD A NAME (2007) and the song skyrocketed thanks to SMS and Cat Allen. Not to forget is a camouflage costume and rocked the stage-line in typical Tiger Trio.

Not just a career in singing, together with Trio Macan Leah also is in the acting world. String romance soap opera became his acting debut, also appeared in films oath (INI) and the Blood Widow Pocong Kolong Wewe (2009) who reap the comments as Leah and her friends had time to appear naked.

In her personal life, Trio Macan Leah is now dating model and actor Philip Andreano (Nano), who met while filming the movie GHOST PEAK MONTHS TO COME. And this relationship seems more serious, because the couple were caught kebaya fitting, but both denied getting married.

Beginning in January 2010, when appearing in Halmahera, tank tops worn Trio Macan Leah slipped on stage. Although embarrassed, but quickly and professionally, he can handle it and keep doing it.
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