Spreads The spread of Japanese Radioactive

Japan's High Alert Status
Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan expressed his country in a state of high alert, to overcome the nuclear crisis that hit today. Distribution of radiation that reportedly began to spread, causing a statement to a nuclear expert who tried to stabilize the nuclear power plant (NPP) Fukushima Daiichi. NPP was severely damaged after hit by an earthquake and massive tsunami swept past March 11.

"The earthquake, tsunami and nuclear incidents is the biggest crisis experienced by Japan over the last decade," said Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan was quoted as saying by the Associated Press on Tuesday (29/03/2011). "This crisis continues can not be predicted. From now on we will overcome the difficulties that exist with a high level of vigilance,"said Kan.

Fukushima Daiichi reactor condition worsened yesterday. Contaminated water is leaking radioactive substances in large enough quantities. The possibility of radioactive contaminated water will mix with sea water. This nuclear power plant operators, Tepco, said water containing radioactive substances are leaking from two turbines at the nuclear power plant reactor. Water contains 1000 millisievert per hour or 10 million times higher than during normal plant operation.

Land in five locations in Fukushima Daiichi plant damage was detected containing plutonium. Complex of six reactor operator confirmed the existence of the plutonium for the first time, as quoted by Kyodo news agency on Tuesday (29 / 3).

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