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Losing Tanks

So far so good in Libya, but what about the endgame? Gaddafi can no longer use his air force because of the no-fly zone. His navy can no longer bombard towns because of the naval blockade imposed under UN authority. His army is losing tanks, artillery and other heavy weapons because of bombing and precision missiles. This is not just a no-fly zone. It is almost a no-combat zone, and all the better for it.

The regime now knows that it has lost eastern Libya and will never be able to reoccupy Benghazi. The fortunes of war have changed, which will be having a devastating impact on the morale of Gaddafi's generals and soldiers. His mercenaries will already be slipping away. Martyrdom was never part of their contract.
Military officials are said to be assessing the damage after at least 110 missiles were fired by the US and UK.  After an attack by French planes, some 14 bodies were lying near destroyed military vehicles outside the rebel-held city of Benghazi, Reuters says.  The head of the Arab League has criticised the bombardments. His comments are significant because the Arab League's support for the no-fly zone was a key factor in getting UN Security Council backing for the resolution authorising the move. 
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