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Here you will find tips and tricks for your blog and how to apply it into your blog, please try my knowledge of this.
Next Comment absence facility at the old Custom Templates also not the fault of the previous template creator, I can say this because the bloggers themselves who some time ago just to renew this facility,consequently tempate-old template did not even show support for this facility. But do not worry, to add facilities Next Comment is not so hard, it just follow the tutorial below: More....

How to set up a tooltip with javascript When you point the mouse in the text above for a while, then you will see a display box containing descriptions that describe the contents of the text. Box that appears is called thetooltips. Then how do I create a tooltip as above? For that follow this tutorial to complete. More....
Simple Ways to Make Floating Ads Close Button
Log Into Your Account with each Surely, Go to the Layout Tab, Choose a Page Element, Add a gadget Select the HTML / JAVASCRIPT, And Copy the code below into it. More....
What is a pageview? Pageview is the average number of our blog pages are accessed by a visitor in one fellvisitors. Pageview is very important, because you can gauge how useful whether or how interes your article toyour blog readers, if you pageview high despite visitors who still lack it means the articles that you writeenough to give the benefits and draw attention to this. By personal experience I can add to your passion inwriting.   More....

This feature allows us to see the statistics of the number of visits globally. With the statistics display is divided into 4 sections, we as admin of course made easier to analyze traffic in real time, view and analyze visitor interest from anywhere our blog visitors come from. For more specific we can choose an available time impressions can be multiple tabs, it can be in days, weeks, months or the total timeMore....

This code serves to display the widget only blog on the main page blog only aliases will disappear when my friend clicks Labels Post or read posts as a whole. Examples of the use of this code can be tough on the demo the following blog. If my friend read the whole article, or click the category of post, 3 columns above the main post will disappearMore....

Modern browsers typically support compression for HTML, CSS and Javascript. Compress the three files will certainly save time loading pages and automatically would be a reduction in download time. The Webmaster smart out there we strongly recommend using the Gzip compression.Discard the empty Spaces as well as in compression techniques, ie by compressing HTML, XML or PHP by removing a space that feels useless. One of them included also in the Inline for Javascript and CSS code. More....

Just found the most simple way to remove large space and to keep share buttons:
Go to Design > Edit HTML > Scroll down and click "Revert widget templates to default"
Check now, how that look?
Older Solution:
Solution of this issue is simple, just disable Share Buttons for a while, until Blogger fix it.

Below is a little trick that will stop your visitors from copying and pasting your blog information. Anyone with experience may know a way around this trick. However it will make it hard enough to discourage them and get them moving on to easier targets.
What to do?

Log in blogger / Dashboard --> Design --> Add Gadget - scroll down --> HTML/JavaScript --> copy the next code and past in in HTML/JavaScript text box area
Step 1: First, upload the music file to any free file hosting servers on the net. Once you upload, they will provide you with a direct link to that music file.
Step 2: Here is the code you need to add music to your blog
<embed width="250" height="50" autostart="false" src="MUSIC FILE URL"/></embed> More....
1. Create a favicon, from a image/logo that you like then with Favicon from Pics convert it in .ico file.
2. Upload it in your host root, if you don't have a host, I recommend to use imageboo for it.

3. Now that you have your URL/link of Your Favicon, you need to add it in your template. For this log in in  your blogger dashboard --> Design --> HTML. More.... 
To notify your readers that your posts can be printed effectively, you'll probably want to add a "Print" link beneath each of your Blogger posts.
1. Log in Blogger Dashboard
2. Click Design --> edit HTML --> click "expand widget templates" and search for this tag </head>
3. Immedietly before this line, add the following lines of code:

Show some piece of code in your post to your readers?
Normally when you insert some code with HTML tags in your blogger composer , it will be executed and the result will be shown instead of code.
Login to your Blogger account and navigate to Design section. Then go to Edit Html subtab.
Find this code ]]></b:skin> in your template code,

This will make the blog's owner comments looks different from the visitors comments.
Login to your Blogger account and navigate to Design section. Then go to Edit Html subtab.
Check the Expand Widget Templates box
Copy this script and put it before ]]></b:skin> or copy to your CSS area.
.author-comments {
background: #ffffff;
border: 2px solid #666666;
padding: 5px;
Wonderful hack for displaying links to related posts beneath each of your blog posts. The related articles are chosen from other posts in that same category / label. With this hack many of your readers will remain on your site for longer periods of time when they see related posts of interest.
Go to Design --> Edit HTML in your Blogger Dashboard. More.... 

Read more function is used to cut our post on homepage, post will appear fully when we click read more link. It's cut automatically and if we insert image, it appears thumbnail.
This is automatic read more function with thumbnail. We just need to set up our HTML code. More....

Attention Please:
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